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More revenue

With Halalessen, you will gain an additional source of income. Our customers are continually searching the latest restaurants in their city.

Strong partnership

From perfecting your delivery menu and sending out weekly reports, to improving your performance, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Constant flexibility

Pause orders if you’re feeling overwhelmed. You decide for yourself when you want to cook for your customers and are free to leave on a monthly basis.

Our customers love halal food.
You cook it.

We are always looking for partner restaurants.
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Customers enter a delivery address via the app or website and select a restaurant.


Receiving orders

Accept the order through your desktop dashboard, business app or POS terminal and start preparing the food for a specific delivery time.


You are delivering the ordered food to the customer’s stated address.



Halalessen sends you the proceeds from your orders every two weeks and provides detailed insights on your performance.

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